Gedragskode / Code Of Conduct


 1.        Compulsary education




All learners between the ages of 7-16 years are subject to compulsory schooling and school attendance remains the parents’ responsibility.




2.        Times




2.1            Learners must attend school regularly and must be on time.


2.2            When the bell rings at 07:55, learners must be on the school grounds        already and on their way to the classroom.  Any person not ready at this time to start work, will be seen as being late and will be punished            according to our punishment system.


2.3            Nobody is allowed to leave the school grounds before 13:55 without           permission.


2.4             School hours are there for maximum utilization of time.  Please make        doctor’s, licence and clinic appointments after school hours.






3.        Break time and before school




3.1            The following places are forbidden




·         The classes at the back of the school (Mnr Milne etc.)


·         Any place close to the fence – next to Gladstone Road and the fence between us and the primary school. 


·         The primary school


·         Tennis courts


·         Bus area and staff carports




3.2            The gate leading to the staff parking and their cars.


3.3            The gate where the buses and the staff enter and exit the school.  The       gate at the back is only for cars and buses, not for walking in and out.


3.4            The storm ditch behind the school is forbidden at all times.


3.5            The staffroom, hall and the administration block (office) is forbidden           without the permission of a teacher.





4.        “School Based Assessment tasks”


  (SBAs e.g. Exams and tests)




4.1            If a learner misses an SBA task, he/she should submit a doctor’s     certificate or an affidavit from the SAPD giving a reason for the             learners’s absence from school.  It is the learner’s responsibility to take this letter to the subject teacher involved and submit a copy to the            office. Any learner who is absent from school,must inform the school      on the next day (or on the day he/she is writing the next subject).  If        learners don’t adhere to this, it will mean that they will receive no marks for that SBA task.   Early holidays and corresponding excuses will not        be accepted and will also mean,no marks (zero).


4.2             A learner who is dishonest in an SBA task will lose all credit for that test/task and if it happens during an examination, he/she may forfeit all credit for that examination.  The learner will receive a second paper.  The first paper is taken in, together with proof, a demerit card, time and date of offence must be written on the exam paper.  He/she will be punished according to our punishment system.




4.3             All SBA tasks have to be submitted on the time/date that the teacher has set.  All SBA’s take place on specific dates and cannot be done earlier or later (exams/tests).




5.        Moving from one class to another.




5.1            Learners have to move quickly to the next class.  After 4 minutes another bell will ring, which signals that students have to be in the class already. 


5.2            If the teacher is not in the class, students need to wait quietly outside.  The RCL member will go and call the teacher.


5.3             If the teacher is absent, the students need to look on that teacher’s door to see to which class they need to go.


5.4            Students move on the left side of the corridors and staircases to ensure traffic flows efficiently. 


5.5            Nobody is allowed to talk on or block the staircases as it stops the flow of the students.  Learners are not allowed to push or play around on the stairs. 


5.6            No loud noises and talking on the corridors or stairs during class time. 


5.7             In the event of rain, use the cement staircases only.




6.        Smoking/Alcohol/Drugs/Pornography




6.1            Learners are not allowed to smoke or be in possession of      cigarettes, tobacco or similar substances on the school grounds, on   buses, at bus stops, buildings or areas adjacent to the school grounds.    No electric cigarettes,hukka pipes, vapes or any similar equipment    allowed on the school grounds.  Smoking is forbidden.


6.2            Smoking is forbidden everywhere the student is affiliated with the   school or wearing a school uniform. (Sport, tours, cultural events etc.)


6.3            Any behaviour that might suggest that the above-mentioned rules have     been broken, will be regarded as having been blatantly disobedient.


6.4             Learners may not remain in groups or in a conversation with others where any of the above-mentioned rules are being disobeyed.  These learners will be considered guilty of having transgressed.  For example if you stand next to someone who smokes, you will also be punished.


6.5            The above- mentioned rules also apply with regard to the use of alcohol and use and possession of drugs as well as the possession of any kind of pornography.




7.        Forbidden substances and material




7.1            Learners who are caught in possession of any form of drugs, alcohol, undesirable literature and weapons of any kind will appear before the disciplinary committee. The SAPD will be informed.




8.        Preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS






8.1            When students bleed they have to be removed (immediately) from other students until the bleeding has stopped and open wounds have been closed.


8.2            All of the blood and blood spatter, as well as the cleaning materials have to be removed (by trained personnel), before the class or corridor can be used again. 


8.3            At all contact sporting events, blood-stained clothes have to be replaced before students can return to the field. 


8.4            No discrimination against any student that has HIV/AIDS.




9.        Theft


Theft is a criminal offence. Learners who are guilty of this offence will be punished according to our punishment system and will be reported to the police for prosecution.   




10.    Cellular phones




No cellular phones are allowed on the school grounds.  If a learner should bring the above mentioned to school, it should be handed in at the office and can be fetched at the end of the day.  If a learner does not do this and the phone is stolen or lost the school will take no responsibility for any damage or loss.


Students need to understand that no cellphone may be used during academic time.


No cellphones, headphones, earphones, tablets, MP3, MP4 or boom boxes are allowed . When these rules are broken these items will be confiscated.




11.    Discipline




11.1         Classroom discipline and procedures are expected to be adhered to.




11.1.1     When a student transgresses, the following procedure applies:




·         The teacher/RCL member completes a referral card fully.


·         Students have to complete the punishment card completely, and sign on both sides.


·          When a student does not want to sign the card, it is written on the card and the punishment still stands.  The student has to appeal the punishment card on the same day if they felt is was unfair.


·         Punishment cards for 100 points or more must have comments from the teacher on the back.


·         Punishing cards must be completed thoroughly with all details.




When a student has a large amount of referrals, the following process starts:




·         The white punishment card: 200 demerits- The disciplinary process will start.


·         When 500 demerits are reached- Appears before the disciplinary committee.


·         Blue punishment card: Serious transgressions.  Immediate expulsion.  A letter is given to the student that informs the parents of the date and time of his/her appearance before the Governing Body.




11.2         Improper appearance: 


Students that bring the name of the school into disrepute because of their appearance, or repeatedly disrespecting the uniform rules
(7 neatness transgressions), will appear before the disciplinary committee.




Students wear academic uniforms on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.(summer) and Mondays and Fridays (winter)




Students may wear sport clothes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.




11.3         Safety of the students


The school has the right to forbid any student to enter the school grounds pending their disciplinary hearing, escpecially if the student threatens the safety of fellow students and staff.




11.4         Violence on school grounds


If any learner is guilty of any form of violence, the student will be expelled immediately until the disciplinary hearing.  The committee will decide if there was any provocation.  Punishments will be congruent with the degree of provocation




If any weapons were involved, it will be reported to the police.




     11.5           Sexism and Racism




Any form of sexism and racism is unacceptable.  Any learners that make themselves guilty of this will have a disciplinary hearing.





     11.6           Bullying




Any student that is guilty of intimidation, emotional abuse or physical violence towards another student or staff member will have a disciplinary hearing immediately. Learners can also be referred to our Social Workers for therapy.




      11.7          Vandalism




Students are forbidden from defacing or damaging any school property e.g. chairs, tables, projectors, boards, walls, the bathrooms, any property of the teacher etc.  When a student writes on something, breaks/damages something, the parents and the student become responsible for the repair or replacement of the item. 






12.   General




12.1         Behaviour on, as well as, off the school grounds which can cause the school embarrasment, is punishable.  It can cause disqualification of the opportunity to be on the JBS.


12.2         No learner may leave a classroom without permission from the teacher. Only one learner per class is allowed to leave the classroom at any given time.


12.3         Students may not eat in classrooms, especially gum.


12.4         No learner may sell any articles at school unless the funds raised, are in aid of the school and they have the necessary permission from the principal.  Articles will be confiscated if permission has not been granted.




12.5         12.5 Students have to respect teachers, fellow learners and any staff at school.  No disrespectful attitudes will be tolerated.  (Sexism, Racism, cursing, blasphemy)


12.6         Good manners are expected from each student in our school.




13.    The Department of Education




All learners and their parents are subject to rules and regulations as stipulated by the Department of Education.




1.        Verpligte onderwys


Alle leerders tussen die ouderdom van 7 tot 16 jaar is onderhewig aan verpligte onderrig by ‘n skool en skoolbywoning bly die ouer se verantwoordelikheid.


2.        Tye


2.1         Leerders moet skool gereeld bywoon en betyds wees.

2.2         Wanneer die klok 07:55 lui, moet leerders reeds op die skoolgronde wees en klas toe beweeg.  Enige person wat nie hierdie reël volg nie word as laat geag en ontvang ‘n strafkaart. Die strafkaart word in ons dissiplinesisteem ingelees.

2.3         Niemand mag die skoolgronde voor 13:55 sonder toestemming verlaat nie.

2.4         Skooltyd is akademiesetyd en moet as ‘n prioriteit gesien word.  Maak asseblief afsprake na skoolure. (Dokter, Tandarts, Kliniek, Lisensie ens.)


3.        Pouses en voor skool


3.1         Die volgende gebiede is verbode


·                 Die asbesklasse

·                 Enige plek naby die heining – Gladstoneweg en Laerskool

·                 Die Laerskool

·                 Tennisbane

·                 Busse en personeel se motorafdakke


3.2         Die hek deurgang na die personeel se motors.

3.3         Die hek waar die personeel in-en-uit ry. Dit is slegs vir die busse om deur te ry, nie om deur te loop nie.

3.4         Die stormwatersloot agter die skool is ten alle tye verbode.

3.5         Die personeelkamer, saal en die administratieweblok (kantoor) is verbode terrein sonder die teenwoordigheid/toestemming van ‘n personeellid.



4.        “School Based Assessment tasks”

  (SBA’s bv. Eksamens en toetse)


4.1         Wanneer ‘n leerder afwesig was vir ‘n SBA taak, moet daar ‘n doktersbrief of beëdigde verklaring (affidavit) van die SAPD ingehandig word, waar die rede vir die afwesigheid verduidelik word.  Dit is dan die leerder se verantwoordelikheid om hierdie brief aan die spesifieke vakonderwyser deur te gee, asook ‘n kopie by die kantoor inhandig.  Enige leerder wat afwesig van skool was, moet die skool die volgende dag in kennis stel (of wanneer die leerder ‘n volgende vak gaan skryf).  As leerders nie by hierdie reël hou nie, beteken dit dat hy/sy geen punte vir die SBA gaan ontvang nie.  Vroeë vakansies en enige ander verskonings gaan nie aanvaar word nie en dit gaan ook ‘n nul vir die taak beteken.


4.2         ‘n Leerder wat oneerlik is in ‘n SBA taak sal alle punte vir daardie taak verbeur.  Wanneer ‘n leerder oneerlik is in die eksamen, kan daardie leerder al die punte van daardie spesifieke eksamenvraestel verloor. Die leerder sal n tweede vraestel ontvang. Eerste vraestel word ingeneem saam met bewyse en strafkaart, tyd en datum van oortreding word op vraestel aangeteken.  Die leerder sal dan ook gestraf word volgens ons strafstelsel.


4.3         SB-take moet op die datum ingehandig word wat die onderwyser vereis. Alle SBA-take moet ook plaasvind op spesifieke datums, nie vroeër of later nie. (Eksamens/toetse)


5.        Klaswisselling


5.1         Leerders moet vining en flink klas wissel.  Na 4 minute lui daar weer ‘n klok en dan moet jy reeds in die klas wees.

5.2         As die betrokke personeellid nie by die klas is nie, wag die leerders stil buite, terwyl die VRL-lid van die klas die personeellid roep. 

5.3         As die personeellid afwesig is, moet die leerders op die betrokke personeellid se deur kyk na watter toesig personeel se klas hulle moet gaan.

5.4         Leerders beweeg aan die linkerkant van die stoepe en trappe sodat verkeer maklik kan vloei.

5.5         Niemand mag op die trappe staan en gesels en die verkeer ophou nie.  Jy mag ook nie stamp en stoot op die trappe nie.

5.6         Geen geraas op die stoepe nie.

5.7         In die geval van reën word net die sement trappe gebruik.



6.        Rook/Alkohol/Dwelms en Pornografie


6.1         Bogenoemde is verbode.  Geen leerder mag rook of in die besit van sigarette, tabak of enige soortgelyke substanse wees nie.  Hierdie middels mag onder geen omstandighede op die skoolgronde, busse en busstoppe, geboue, klasse, areas langs of naby die skool wees nie.  Elektriese rooktoestelle(bv. Hukka pipe/Vape ens.) is verbode oral op die skoolterrein, busse ens.

6.2         Rook is vebode oral waar ‘n leerder aan die skool geaffilieer is/ besig is met ‘n skoolaktiwiteit ens. (Sport/kultuur/toer).

6.3         Enige gedrag wat hierdie reëls oorskry is disrespekvol en blatant. Die betrokke leerder sal strafkaarte ontvang en in die dissiplinestelsel ingelees word.

6.4         Leerders wat in dieselfde groepe beweeg of in gesprekke tree met leerders wat hierdie reëls oortree, word ook as skuldig gesien en sal ook gestraf word. Bv. Wanneer jy by iemand staan en gesels wanneer hulle rook op die skoolgronde, sal jy ook gestraf word.

6.5         Die bogenoemde reëls word ook toegepas op die gebruik en misbruik van alkohol en dwelms.  Dit word ook op die besit van enige tipe pornografie toegepas.


7.        Verbode middels en materiaal


7.1         Enige leerder wat in die besit is van dwelms, alkohol, pornografie, of wapens sal voor die tugkomitee verskyn en die SAPD sal ingelig word.


8.        Voorsorg t.o.v die verspreiding van Vigs



8.1         Wanneer ‘n leerder bloei, moet hy/sy onmiddellik verwyder word van ander   leerlinge totdat bloeding gestop en oop wonde verbind is.

8.2         Alle bloed en bloedspatsels asook reinigingsapparaat moet verwyder word (deur opgeleide persone) voordat leerders klaskamers of stoepe mag gebruik.

8.3         By alle kontaksport moet bloedbevlekte klere vervang word voordat leerders weer op die sportveld toegelaat mag word.

8.4         Geen diskriminasie teen enige leerder met MIV of Vigs is toelaatbaar nie.


9.        Diefstal

Diefstal is ‘n kriminele oortreding. Leerders wat hulself skuldig maak daaraan sal gestraf word deur ons dissiplinesisteem en sal ook aangemeld word by die polisie.


10.    Selfone


Geen selfone word toegelaat op skoolgronde nie.  As ‘n leerder hul foon wel skool toe bring, moet dit by die kantoor ingehandig word en na skool weer afgehaal word.  As ‘n leerder nie hierdie prosedure volg nie en die foon by hul hou, en die foon raak weg of is gesteel, aanvaar die skool geen verantwoordelikheid nie.

Leerders moet verstaan dat geen selfone by die skool in akademiese tyd gebruik mag word nie.

Geen oorfone, ipads, mp3/mp4 spelers of boom boxes mag gebruik word nie.  Wanneer ‘n leerder die reëls oortree sal die betrokke artikels gekonfiskeer word.


11.    Dissipline


11.1      Klaskamerdissipline en prosedures, wat van die leerder deur die

       onderwyser verwag word, moet nagekom word.


11.1.1  Indien ‘n leerder oortree, word die volgende prosedure gevolg:


·         Die onderwyser voltooi ‘n strafkaart

·         Leerders moet die strafkaart volledig voltooi, voor en agter teken.

·         Wanneer ‘n leerder weier om die kaart te teken, word dit aangeteken en die strafkaart tel NOG STEEDS. Die leerder moet dieselfde dag gaan appelleer.

·         Strafkaarte van 100-punte en meer moet opmerkings by hê.

·         Strafkaarte moet volledig wees sodat tugkomitee duidelikheid oor gebeure.


Wanneer leerders baie strafkaarte het, geld die volgende:


·         Die wit strafkaart: 200 strafpunte – Begin die strafproses.

·         Wanneer 500-punte bereik word, sal die leerder voor die dissiplinekomitee verskyn.

·         Blou strafkaart: Ernstige oortredings. Onmiddellike skorsing. ‘n Brief word aan die leerder uitgereik wat die ouers inlig oor die datum en tyd wanneer die leerder voor die Beheerliggaam verskyn.


11.2      Swak voorkoms: 

Leerders wat die skool se naam a.g.v sy voorkoms skend of herhaaldelik die netheidreëls verbreek (7 netheidsoortredinge), sal begin met die tugproses.


Leerders moet Maandae, Woensdae en Vrydae akademiese drag aantrek.(Somer)

Maandae en Vrydae (Winter)


Leerders kan Dinsdae en Donderdae sportdrag aantrek.


11.3      Veiligheid van leerders

Die skool behou die reg voor om enige leerder of persoon die terrein te verbied tot en met ‘n dissiplinêre verhoor van die betrokke leerder, as so ‘n persoon of leerder die dissipline van die skool of veiligheid van enige ander leerder/ opvoeder bedreig.


11.4      Geweld op die skoolgronde

Indien enige leerder hul skuldig maak aan enige vorm van geweld, word hy/sy onmiddellik geskors totdat die party voor die tugkomitee verskyn.  Die komitee bepaal of daar enige provokasie was.  Strawwe word bepaal deur die agtergrond en die graad van provokasie.


Indien daar enige wapens betrokke is, sal die saak by die polisie aangemeld word.


11.5      Seksisme en Rassisme


Enige vorm van seksisme en rassisme is onaanvaarbaar.  Enige leerder wat hul skuldig maak daaraan sal voor die tugkomitee verskyn.


11.6      Boelie-gedrag


Enige leerder wat skuldig is aan intimidasie, afkraking, fisiese geweld, emosionele afkraking teenoor ‘n mede-leerder, personeel sal dadelik voor die tugkomitee verskyn.  Leerders kan ook na die Maatskaplike werkster verwys word vir terapie/behandeling.



11.7      Vandalisme


Leerders word verbied om enige skooleiendom te beskadig bv. stoele, banke, projektors, borde, mure, die badkamers, onderwysers se eiendom ens.  Wanneer ‘n leerder op iets skryf, dit breek ens. sal die skuldige party en sy ouers verantwoordelik wees om die kostes te dra.


12.   Algemeen


12.1      Gedrag by die skool, asook buite skoolverband, wat die skool se naam skend, word gesien as ernstig.  Die leerder kan hul kans om op die JBS verkies te word verbeur of verloor.


12.2      Geen leerder mag die klas verlaat sonder toestemming nie.  Daar mag net een leerder op ‘n slag die klas verlaat.


12.3      Geen leerder mag eet in die klas of saal nie.  Dit geld veral vir kougom.


12.4      Geen leerder mag enige artikels by die skool verkoop nie, tensy die befondse vir die skool is. Toestemming moet by die skoolhoof verkry word. Artikels sal gekonfiskeer word.


12.5      Leerders moet onderwysers, mede-leerders en enige personeel van die skool met respek hanteer.  Geen afkrakende opmerkings sal geduld word nie. (Seksisme, Rassisme, vloek, laster, swak houdings teenoor volwassenes). Goeie maniere word van elkeen in die skool verwag.


12.6      Goeie maniere word van elke leerder in die skool verwag.


13.    Die Departement van Onderwys



Alle leerders en hul ouers is onderhewig aan die reëls en regulasies wat gestipuleer word deur die Departement van Onderwys.