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Die visie van hierdie skool is dat daar 'n leeromgewing gevestig word, waarin opvoeders en leerders optimaal in totalitiet ontwikkel, in die vryheid van 'n Christelike waardesisteem, gefundeer op kwaliteit onderrig, selfdissipline en wedersydse respek tot eer van God en tot die welsyn van ons land.



Bogenoemde visie kan deur middel van die volgende missiestellings bereik word:


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Code of Conduct

Contents: (Click on the following headings)

  1. Compulsory education

  2. Times

  3. Break and before school

  4. Exams and tests

  5. Changing classes

  6. Smoking

  7. Forbidden substances

  8. Precautions concerning the spreading of HIV/AIDS

  9. Theft

  10. SellulÍre telefone

  11. Discipline

    11.1  Procedure

    11.2  Negligent appearance

    11.3  Safety of learners

  12. General

  13. Department of Education


1.         Compulsory education


All learners between the ages of 7 Ė 16 years are subject to

compulsory schooling and school attendance remains the parentsí



2.         Times


2.1          Learners must attend school regularly and must be on time for school.


2.2          When the bell rings at 07h45, learners must already be on the school grounds and they should go to their register classes.  At 07h50 everybody must be in his or her classes so that the school day can start.  Any person, not ready at this time to start work, will  be seen as being late and will be punished according to our punishment system.


2.3          Learners coming late by accident, must report to their register teacher on arrival.


2.4          Nobody is allowed to leave the school grounds before 13h50 without permission.


2.5          School-hours is there for maximum utilization of time.  Please make doctorís, license and clinic appointments after school-hours.


2.6          Periods and sport periods will be followed as on attached timetable.


3.         Break and before school


3.1          During these times the following is forbidden terrain:

i)              The top storey

ii)             Pavilion

iii)            Riffle  range


3.2        The same applies for any area on the other side of the ditch at the tennis-courts, the swimming pool, the area where the staffís vehicles are parked and the area where the buses are.


3.3          The ditch behind the school is forbidden terrain to all our schoolís learners.  Learners should not even cross it or walk home next to it.


3.4          Nobody is allowed in the foyer, the staff room, the administrative block or the hall without the permission or the presence of the staff.


3.5          Nobody may go to the primary school or enter their terrain without permission.


4.         Exams and tests


4.1          If a learner misses a test, he/she should submit a letter from his/her parents stating that they knew about the test and giving a reason for the learnerís absence from school.  It is then also the learnerís responsibility to take this letter to the subject teacher involved.

If learners donít adhere to this, it will mean that they will receive no marks for that test.  Early holidays and corresponding excuses will not be accepted and will also mean, no marks (Zero).


4.2          Above-mentioned rule is also applicable to examinations.


4.3          A learner who is dishonest in a test or exam will lose all credit for that test/paper and if it happens in a exam he/she may forfeit all credit for that examination.


5.         Changing classes


5.1          Learners should change classes quickly.  After 4 minutes a second bell rings and all learners must then be in their next class.


5.2          If a teacher is not at his/her class, stand in front of the class and quietly wait for the class leader to call the teacher.  You are not allowed to run to the pavilion or rugby field.


5.3          If a teacher is absent, learners must go to the invigilating teacher according to our rules.


5.4          Learners keep to the left on corridors.


5.5          Adhere to the rules at the stairs.  The steel stairs are for going UP only and the cement stairs for DOWN only.  Donít stand around or push anyone on the stairs.


5.6          Learners arenít allowed to go to the bathroom during class changes.  Learners first go to the next class and then ask permission to leave the room.


5.7          No pushing, shoving, singing or making a loud noise on the corridors.


6.         Smoking


6.1          Learners are not allowed to smoke or be in possession of cigarettes, tobacco or similar substances on the school grounds, on buses, at bus stops, buildings or areas adjacent to the school grounds.

6.2          Rule 6.1 is applicable wherever a learner may be associated with the school.


6.3          Any behaviour that might suggest that the above-mentioned rules have been disobeyed will be regarded as having been disobeyed.


6.4          Learners may not remain in groups or in conversation with other where any of the above-mentioned rules are being disobeyed.  These learners will be considered guilty of having transgressed.


6.5          The above-mentioned rules also apply with regard to the use and abuse of alcohol and use and possession of drugs.


7.         Forbidden substances


Learners who are caught in possession of any form of drugs, alcohol, undesirable literate and weapons of any kind will appear before the disciplinary committee.


8.         Precautions concerning the spreading of Aids


8.1          If a learner sheds any blood he must be removed from all contact with other learners until bleeding has been stopped and open wounds have been treated and bandaged.


8.2        All blood, bloodstains and cleaning materials must be removed by trained persons before a learner may use classrooms or corridors.


8.3        During contact sports all bloodstained clothing must be replaced before a learner may be re-allowed on the sport-fields.


8.4          No discrimination against any pupils with regard to HIV or Aids will be tolerated.


9.         Theft


Theft is a criminal offence.  Learners who are guilty of this offence will be reported to the police for prosecution.


10.       Cellular phones


No cellular phones are allowed on the school grounds.  If a learner should bring the above-mentioned to school, it will be at the learnerís own risk.  The school will take no responsibility for any damage or loss.

From the second term 2008 no learnerís cell phone will be allowed at school.


11.       Discipline


11.1        Reasonable Classroom discipline and procedures, expected from learners by teachers, must be adhered to.


11.1.1If a learner commits an offence the following procedure will be   



-                      a teacher or prefect completes a punishment card

-                      learners must sign the card (Should a learner refuse to sign such a card he must convey this to the principal)

-                      these penalty points are recorded on a learnerís record

-                      if a learner has


-           50 or more points           -           parents are notified

-           100 or more points         -           parents are notified

-           200 or more points         -           disciplinary hearing


Learners appear before a disciplinary committee as appointed by the governing body.


11.2        Negligent appearance


Learners who harm or dishonour the reputation of the school as a result of untidy of negligent appearance or by repeatedly disregarding the rules concerning neatness of appearance will be requested to leave the grounds until he/she is prepared to comply with the school rules.


11.3        Safety of learners


If a learner threatens the discipline of the school or the safety of another learner, the school retains the authority to refuse such a learner entry to the grounds until a disciplinary hearing has been completed. 


12.       General


12.1        The administrative building, offices, foyer, staff-room and parking areas for all learners at all times.


12.2        Behaviour on as well as off the school grounds which can cause the school embarrassment.


12.3        No learner may leave a classroom without the permission of the teacher and the learner must have a card indicating that he may be out of the classroom.


12.4        Learners may not eat in classrooms or in the hall during class periods.


12.5        No learner may sell any articles at school unless the funds raised are in aid of the school.


12.6        Learners must treat other learners, teachers and employees with the necessary respect.


12.7        No offensive remarks (racism, sexism, swearing)  may be made.


12.8        Good manners must be the corner stone of all actions.


13.       Department Education


All learners and their parents are subject to rules and regulations as stipulated by the department.


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